The play of children's scooter
Start by standing on the wall or relying on others to help you stand and practice how to balance.
Method one:
One foot in front of the skateboard, the other foot on the ground, sliding forward. Then, the other foot is at the back of the skateboard. By the waist and two thighs left and right sway, so that the direction of the skateboard forward called "S" word.
Method 2:
At the same time, slide the front and back parts of the skateboard and then lean forward in an instant. Then, depending on the waist and the two thighs swing left and right, and the left and right of the pedal, so that the direction of the skateboard forward, S words.
Maintenance method:
A: avoid overloading and use it
B: avoid using in water and dusty environments
C: to avoid a collision and beat a violent stampede
The three wheeled vehicle has very high technical requirements both in appearance and performance. Large to the hardening of the material, as small as a screw, in quality and ordinary cars are very different. Made with the requirements of sports equipment. Three wheeled scooter, the most fashionable new sense of sports and leisure. Just twist the steering wheel and the waist gently, then you can ride it easily. Top speed of 15 km / h. Portable and durable; PU wear high elastic belt with flash, a more reliable safety movement.
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