Are expensive toys better for children's intellectual development?
Are expensive toys better for children's intellectual development? A high priced toy that opens early childhood intellectual signage has become a luxury for one-off consumption".
The news that International Children's Day, many parents buy toys for children on holiday gift. However, the reporter found that some of the early childhood intelligence signs of high priced toys, mostly disposable consumer goods. The personage inside course of study also expresses, should pay attention to affection, need not be too superstitious toy "luxury goods"".
Subsequently, the reporter went to Zhengzhou, a store specializing in puzzle toys, saw the prices of these toys ranging from several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Most toys are labeled "enhanced brain development, training practical ability, identification ability, logical reasoning ability" and other advertising words. Toy store guide Ms. Li told reporters, these have scientific and technological content, can develop children's intelligence toys, especially by children and parents welcome.
For many years engaged in the work of early childhood teacher Wang Xiaojie said, with the development of society, to toys, books, after-school classes and other ways to invest in education, cultivate children nowadays have become more and more young parents, many businesses are also in order to meet the parents want their children to deliberately exaggerate the effect, promotional products.
Therefore, if parents really love their children, more time to accompany them, you can come to our dry skiing, and more communication with children.
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