Dry skiing is a more fashionable activity
Dry snow similar to roller skating, Wu Zhong dry skiing, skiing is referred to as "dry land".
Dry snow is a snow free condition of skiing, skating more realistic compared with the dry snow, the skiing and ski tools are the same with the sliding snow, non alternative snow season and the southern city of ski in ski lovers meet. Dry snow was originated in Europe and America in the last century. It was a very popular outdoor sport, especially in the United kingdom. Dry snow blanket is dry skiing equipment, the formation of dry snow blankets the unit has many kinds, a root conical column composed of numerous a massive dry snow and a needle composed of numerous filamentous blanket like dry snow. In the formation of structure, friction coefficient, safety protection, light, weather simulation results have greatly improved.
The main operation of the naughty fort for the 2-13 year old children use, dry land skis, children under the age of 6 enter the naughty fort in need of a guardian care. At the same time in adults and children with hard objects in at the same time in the naughty Fort banned or sharp objects in dry ski manufacturers, to avoid scratches in the game in the process of children, but also to avoid damage to the equipment for recreation. When children enter the naughty castle to play, do a good job of children's safety education. In the children's playground, the outer screen is used for protection, not climbing and pulling. For amusement facilities in children's playground, do not open the rear cover, cushion cover, touch the power supply or not. Otherwise, the consequences. For children who are unwell, they should avoid having fun in the children's playground, so as not to cause safety problems.
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